Grub’s Guide to Celebrating Your 21st Birthday in Downtown Gainesville


The days of chugging Skol and memorizing the address on your fake ID are over. Forget the under band and forget the bouncer who wouldn’t let you in at mid, it’s time to party.

This golden age is possibly the most important stage of your life.

Who cares about voting, this legal drinking age arrives only one time so why not celebrate the right way?

Ditch Midtown, which is crawling with freshman on their way to Swamp, and choose a classier scene to ring in your new freedom. The only way to celebrate the big 2-1 is downtown. Check out these five prime spots where you can drink and be merry.

First Magnitude Brewing Co.

Via: @fmbrewing

What better way to spend your 21st than day drinking? The only way to cure a hangover is by drinking more alcohol, so there is no excuse not to keep it going into the night.

First Magnitude has an eclectic atmosphere and provides you with a beer platter that will get you a record number of likes on Instagram. Get your choice of four beers on a license plate and hit the picnic table to celebrate. This is the perfect place to be during the day for a cold brew, good food and better company. Start your big day off right and head to First Magnitude.

Boca Fiesta


After a full day of drinking, Mexican food is the only non-alcoholic substance allowed in your body. Go to the bar for your free birthday shot and head to your table for a debatable amount of margaritas. There is no restaurant more worthy of a birthday dinner spot – I mean the word “fiesta” is in the name.

Sit outside under the string lights and enjoy a sunset-filled evening of pictures and pretending you’re south of the border. Fill up with some tacos to get that carb load in then get to drinking. Grab a sombrero and chug until it’s time for the next stop.

Palomino Pool Hall


Take about five steps and you’re in the middle of Palomino’s. What looks like a place to have a chill night from the inside is a dance party on the outside. After beer and margs, you should be feelin’ yourself but have no fear, after one night at this dive, you will never be the same.

They can mix up any drink you like at the outside bar and then it’s time to show everyone some moves on the dance floor. Outside is adorned with picnic tables, string lights and a stage that will make you never want to leave. After having one-too-many vodka sodas while shaking it to “Come On Eileen,” definitely try your hand at a round of pool.

Tall Paul’s Brew House


Your night is taking a dangerous turn, but not drinking isn’t an option. Take a break to enjoy some wine and beer in between dances. Tall Paul’s is a dive that was started by a UF student, so he knows how we kids have fun.

Drinking wine just makes you feel classy, even when you’re questionably alive on your 21st birthday. Tall Paul’s is the perfect place to pregame, postgame, or just game. Grab an in-house made brew or a glass of wine and take in the new age you have become.

Rockeys Dueling Piano Bar


Your night is coming to an end, but not before you get down and dirty a little more. It’s the first night of being legal, treat yo’self.

Rockeys is debatably the most fun bar downtown, better yet in Gainesville. Where else can you have an interactive karaoke/dance/live piano experience? Nothing is better than dancing to the classics that make you wanna shake your hips. Forget rap music, and play me some Billy Joel. After your third drink, you may even gather the courage to get up on stage and sing some Whitney Houston.


The drinking begins the morning your feet leave the bed on the day of your 21st birthday. If you wanna have the best day of your year, and maybe not remember so much, these five spots are guaranteed to make that happen. You may even become the dancer you never thought you were.

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