How to Celebrate Taco Tuesday Like a Local

taco tuesday

As a less than affluent college student, I live for Taco Tuesday.

Taco Tuesday is a day to celebrate the most Americanized Mexican food out there. But this fantastic day only comes once a week.

So, does that mean we go to Tijuana Flats every Tuesday? No! Gainesville has several other local restaurants that offer specials on this sacred day.

Boca Fiesta

taco tuesday

Every Tuesday, you can snatch up a taco for $2 at this snazzy Mexican-style restaurant and bar located at 232 SE 1st St. This deal includes their chicken, beef and TVP (textured vegetable protein) tacos. Yeah, it’s cliché, but these tacos are to die for.

They give customers generous portions of fresh, colorful ingredients to satisfy even the most severe taco craving. I especially enjoy the grilled green chile chicken in their Chicken Tacos. Plus, the pepperjack cheese is a nice touch, creating a more unique taco experience.

Boca Fiesta has a cozy, casual atmosphere with both indoor and outdoor seating. The outside area, known as The Backyard, is complete with a full bar, a stage area for local and touring bands, and big-screen TVs that display a full sports package.

Did you miss out this Tuesday?

No problem!

Blue Agave

taco tuesday
Via: Blue Agave Facebook

Why limit Taco Tuesday to just Tuesdays?

Blue Agave has the perfect solution for your post-Taco Tuesday blues. Every Wednesday, customers can get hard-shell tacos for just $1 each!

Yes, you read that correctly: only $1.

These tacos are decked out with flavor-intense meat, beans, veggies and cheese. Their hard shells are perfectly crispy so you can take the best crunch out of these acclaimed tacos.

The restaurant is comfortably spacious and has a fun, Latin-esque theme. There is a vibrant full-wall mural and colorful paper decorations hung around the room. You’ll definitely feel at home in this cozy eatery.

Cilantro Tacos

taco tuesday
Via: @cilantro_tacos

This elusive food truck is guaranteed to be out on Taco Tuesdays serving up hand-held treats.

While they don’t have an actual Taco Tuesday deal, Cilantro Tacos does offer a wide variety of freshly made food.

The tacos are made with fresh tortillas and filled to the brim with your choice of toppings.

For a classic Mexican street food experience, go for the Barbacoa Tacos. Braised with herbs and spices, the beef is falling apart because it’s so tender. Ask for the authentic version, which is topped with chopped onion and cilantro, adding a bright kick to balance the beef.

If you want to go all-the-way, order the Grilled Shrimp Nachos topped with lettuce, tomatoes, cilantro, cheese, sour cream and onion. You won’t be disappointed.


Taco Tuesday is a day that deserves to be celebrated. All of these restaurants offer incredible deals that make me and my wallet very happy. Stop at any of these local legends to take a bite of taco heaven.

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