Date Night at Home: What to Cook and How to Not Screw It Up

When you finally realize how ambitious it was for you to invite your special someone over for dinner, you’re probably going to freak out a little. Don’t let that moment dominate!

Though it may seem daunting, preparing an elegant meal at home is completely doable, and is sure to get you some extra brownie points. The key to impressing a woman is presentation, just make sure you don’t forget to deliver on taste.

Be bold with this three course meal that is sure to inspire feelings of love.

Appetizer –Berry Spinach Salad

date night
Via: Alaska From Scratch

Start the night off with something light and fresh like a spinach berry salad. It’s just about impossible to mess up!

Just toss some spinach, berries, red onions, nuts and feta in a light vinaigrette and you’re good to go.

You could even make your own vinaigrette using a blender and some simple ingredients like olive oil, vinegar, raspberries,basil, garlic, mustard and brown sugar.

Ornate and tangy, this salad will pique the interest of your date. Salty feta fuses with sweet berries atop a hearty bed of spinach, leading to relaxed yet intriguing conversation for the rest of the evening.

Entree – Salmon with Asparagus and Quinoa

date night
Via: The New York Times Cooking

Now that you’ve caught her, reel her in with the most refined of fishes: salmon.
Salmon seems high-reaching, but even a buffoon can make it taste amazing. It all starts with the cut, talk to your butcher about which is best, don’t go cheap on your girl. Then begin on your marinade. Olive oil, minced garlic, soy sauce, lemon juice, honey, red pepper flakes, salt and pepper and a dash of brown sugar will add an exuberant glaze for your salmon to marinate in for at least one hour.

Once done marinating, culminate the flavors of this tender meat on the grill, skin side down on high heat for about five minutes. Then flip. If you don’t yet have a grill baking will do…for now. Bake skin side down at 450 degrees for around twelve minutes.

Even girls who hate the taste of fish will find themselves drooling before your very eyes. Serve with some asparagus which can be cooked the same as the salmon and given a nice olive oil/salt and pepper coating, as well as some quinoa boiled with double the water for twenty minutes.

Plate the dish neatly, add a nice parsley garnish and make sure you say quinoa right and your dates opinion of you will grow exponentially, regardless of any mistakes made along the way. Presentation is key remember!

Dessert – Chocolate Brownie

date night
Via: The New York Times Cooking

Though a chocolate brownie doesn’t seem very fancy, when it comes to sweets, the heart wants what the heart wants and there is nothing that can satisfy more than chocolate.

Whip up a batch of decadent, fudgy brownies and you’ve got it made. Easy, right?  If you want to take it to the next level, add some raspberries or strawberries (chocolate covered if you’re really going for it), chocolate drizzle or shavings and get ready for your woman to melt in your arms.


Make sure you set up the evening well with candles and mood music and give yourself a pat on the back! Now you can brag to the guys and feel confident charming with at-home dates in the future.

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