A Gainesville Guide to Free Food on Your Birthday

There are few feelings more exciting than waking up on your birthday.

One of these feelings is obtaining free food. Now imagine a glorious situation where you could get free food on your birthday. And we’re not talking just a free side of queso, we’re talking eating for free all day long just because you were born.

We’ve put together a guide to help you make the most out of your pro-bono birthday noms.


By simply registering for My Starbucks Rewards, you receive a free drink* on your birthday. Get any drink, any size to start off your birthday.

*Disclaimer, you must use this reward at an off-campus location. The Starbucks at the Hub will not give you your free drink. We know, we’ve tried. 

Planet Smoothie
Sign up for their birthday club and get a free small smoothie. It might be the healthiest thing you consume all day.

Panera Bread
Yet another perk of signing up for rewards programs. My Panera Rewards gives you your pick of any pastry or dessert. Chocolate croissant for breakfast, anyone?

Dunkin Donuts
Dunkin Donuts also offers a free drink on your birthday any size. You’ll need coffee to get through the all the celebrating, so bottoms up.

Looking for some free pancakes? (Yes, yes you are.) Sign up for the IHOP rewards program and you’ll have a glorious stack to call your own. Plus you get a coupon for a free meal when signing up too.



Red Robin
With over 20 choices of burgers, including chicken burgers, Red Robin is offers a killer birthday rewards program. This reward lasts for your entire birthday month. #ProTip: Chose sweet potato fries as your side, it’s usually an added upgrade but when using your birthday reward the fries are included! 

Moe’s Southwest Grill
Get hooked up with free queso for signing up and then a free birthday burrito.

Auntie Anne’s
If you’re taking a trip to the Oaks Mall for some birthday shopping, grab your free pretzel while you’re there. Why? Because you were born and you deserve salty carbs.

Steak ‘N’ Shake
Join their Birthday Club to receive a free double steakburger with cheese ‘n fries coupon

Which Wich
Sign up and get a free sammie. Done and done.

Craving a Firehouse medium sub? You’re in luck. Just show your ID in the store, and boom! Free sub.



Probably one of the best birthday deals in Gainesville, Yamatos offers a full free dinner meal on your birthday. Make sure you bring your ID (they will check) and prepare yourself for a large quantity of free food.

Buon compleanno! Get a free appetizer on your birthday when you sign up for their Amici Club.

Rather have seafood on your birthday? Ballyhoo offers free lobster by signing up for their birthday rewards program



If you have somehow managed to not slip into a food coma by dessert, Chili’s offers your choice of any dessert. We personally recommend going for the Molten Chocolate Cake.

By joining Harry’s e-club, you can receive a coupon for a free birthday dessert.

Coldstone Creamery
I scream, you scream, we all scream for free ice cream. Simply sign up to get free BOGO ice cream on your birthday

BJ’s offers it’s famous Pizookie (a cookie topped with ice cream and baked to order) as a birthday freebie.



A giant mason jar of alcohol with a firework in it. Now that’s cause for celebration.

Boca Fiesta
Head to the bar. Show your ID. Get a free shot. Happy birthday to you!


General tips

First, make sure to sign up for these rewards program at least a month in advance. By doing this you can be sure you’re updated in the system and ensure maximum food freebies.  

Second, pace yourself. There’s a lot of places that will give you free food on your birthday, and not all have to be redeemed in 24 hours. Make sure to use the freebies that expire on your actual birthday first. Some rewards last through your entire birthday month, so use those last.

Lastly, don’t be a jerk. Tip your servers for the full price of your meal. You’re getting free food, so fork over the tip money and spread the joyous birthday vibes.

Go forth and eat free, Gainesville.

Did we miss any amazing birthday freebies? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured photo courtesy of: Sploid


  1. Larry’s Subs:
    -1620 W University Ave # 3: must purchase large drink
    -1310 NW 23rd Ave: can’t remember if you have to purchase a drink. don’t think so though.
    -1122 N Main St: no birthday special

  2. Yamato wouldn’t honor my free entree on my birthday coupon because I came in alone. Wow, it hurt bad enough to not have anyone to celebrate with. Kicked when you’re down.

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