Gainesville Grits: A Love Story

Known as a simple breakfast staple, grits have made a comeback and are not leaving any time soon. Whether they’re served up with butter, cheese, tomato gravy or shrimp, the possibilities are endless. Grits have always had a spot on southern tables, I mean is there anything more southern than a bowl of steaming hot, creamy grits made to perfection?

Whether you’re at a hole-in-the-wall diner or trendy brunch spot, this side dish never disappoints. Check out these three Gainesville joints for the best grits in the city.

Daily Green

gainesville gritsNestled in a cozy nook downtown, Daily Green is home to the best vegetarian, vegan and just plain healthy dishes in the city. This spot is famous for their falafel waffles, specialty salads, smoothies and most importantly, Sunday brunch.

The menu is anything but basic, from peanut butter waffle towers to the Gator Country Scramble (three scrambled eggs, 1/3 bacon, swiss and sharp cheddar) and their famous cheese grits. Grits are a dream, but add cheese and you won’t want to put anything else in your mouth. The creaminess paired with the sharpness of the melted cheese is better match than Kim and Kanye.

Pair this delicacy with cherry smoked bacon and scrambled eggs, and I’d say you have a great start to your day.

Flying Biscuit Café

gainesville grits
Via: The Flying Biscuit Café Facebook page

First of all, if you haven’t tried grits from this café, I’d suggest going there right about now. Flying Biscuit serves breakfast dishes all day because it’s that good. I don’t know what the chefs put in the grits, all I know is that they are addicting.

Grits normally have a very distinct grainy texture, but Flying Biscuit’s grits are so creamy they slightly resemble the consistency of mashed potatoes. The grits have a sweet and savory factor, something you find very rarely in this side dish. The sweetness from the cream and saltiness from the corn create a party in your mouth that you don’t want to end. Pair this sensation with any entrée, such as a classic Eggs Benedict on a fluffy biscuit.


gainesville gritsAll of this talk of grits as a side dish, huh? Civilization has answered our prayers and not only have yellow grits that melt in your mouth, but they are offered as a main dish. The Grits Florentine is a gift sent from God himself.

This dish provides a plate of organic yellow grits over a bed of spinach with two poached eggs, white cheddar, cherry tomatoes and red onion. Once you cut the egg and the yolk oozes onto the creamy grits, you’ll have nothing short of an foodgasm once the mixture crosses your lips.


If you’re looking for a creamy and savory taste of the South, these three spots have you covered. Whether they are loaded with butter, cheese, or even shrimp, grits are a breakfast that can’t go unnoticed.

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