Grub’s Guide to Delicious & Local Homemade Breakfast Spreads

breakfast spreads

Creeping above the horizon, the sun isn’t the only thing that may wake you in the morning. Often, it’s the painful grumblings of a stomach telling you it’s time for breakfast, and no breakfast is complete without toppings! From jams to jellies and  gravies to butters, breakfast loves it’s spreads, and Gainesville offers a variety of options for discovery. 


breakfast spreads

If local culture is what you seek, the Union street farmers market is the place to be on Wednesday’s at 7.

Teeming with life in all corners of Bo Diddley plaza, the market on Union Street is home to families, young adults, the elderly and Stuffany’s! This picturesque wooden stand with a bright red and white checkered tablecloth screams picnic. Authentic German pastries and homemade pretzels can be found seasonally at Stuffany’s. They also sell the occasional craft and, of course, their amazing homemade marmalade and jams.

Although Stuffany’s doesn’t yet have its own storefront, it frequents the Union Street farmers market, serving Gainesville with fresh and tasty products. If a refreshing homemade spread is what you seek, hit up Stuffany’s and get some Kumquat jam or Orange marmalade.

Slightly bitter with plenty of tang, the Orange marmalade is a treat for those who aren’t fans of a sugar overload in the morning. Those with a sweet tooth may prefer the Kumquat jam, it’s candied flavor livens your senses. Both of these options are complete with wonderful fruit chunks and zest to give them a natural,chewy texture.

The pleasing taste of Stuffany’s will leave a fresh citrus aroma in your mouth which will prepare you for the day ahead.

Land of Flowers

breakfast spreads

Not far from Stuffany’s spot on Union Street lies Land of Flowers honey stand.

Featuring blueberries and honey, this family run farm is located about five miles south of Alachua. Owners Andi and Charlie Lybrand have been raising bees to produce their all-natural, unfiltered honey. From there it is sold directly to you at the Union Street  farmers market by their charming granddaughter, who even has a hive of her own.

Raw, unfiltered honey straight from the Land of Flowers farm helps with digestion and has a high antioxidant content. The thick, sweet formula elegantly graces any breakfast favorite and even suits hot tea.

With such a natural sweetener, you can start your day guilt-free!

Peach Valley Café

If you’ve lived in Gainesville longer than 3 months, you’ve heard of Peach Valley.

Though not found at the farmers market, Peach Valley attracts guests near and far for their scrumptious brunch. Not only will delicate dishes grace your table, homemade blueberry butter will melt your tastebuds in new ways.

Whipped, creamy and light, at first glance you might think this spread is a ball of pure creme. As soon as you allow it to rub onto your toast  waffles, you will know otherwise. Slightly sweet with an air of fresh blueberry, this butter is tasty plain. However it is made perfect in combination with the chicken and waffles. The savory saltiness of the fried chicken and the fluffy waffles are the perfect compliment to this delectable spread.

Before you begin to dread your boring breakfasts at home, head over to Peach Valley to curb your cravings in a pleasurable way.

Vine Bakery

breakfast spreads
Via: @vinegainesville

Known for it’s fresh homemade bread, Vine bakery has been tantalizing Gainesville’s most eager eaters for years. With fun outdoor garden seating and crisp menu items, it’s impossible to keep away and that’s why Vine bakery is a hotspot for homemade spreads.

With cashew cream cheese, lemon-dill hummus, harissa, pesto and fig and kalamata tapenade, Vine bakery takes the win on their variety of homemade spreads.

Unfortunately, due to the freshness of their ingredients, not all of these spreads are always available. At least that takes away the stress of decision making!

A good suggestion is the pesto. Pungent perfection, this pesto is far from shy. Layer on toast and you’ve got yourself a breakfast that will surely wake you up in the morning.


When midweek mundanity hits, don’t settle as soon as you wake up. Rejuvenate your daily breakfast routine with homemade spreads. Not only will your tastebuds rejoice, your body will feel better than ever with fresh, wholesome ingredients found in these homemade spreads.

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