Leonardo’s By the Slice: A Cheesy Goodbye & How to Make the Most of It


What does Leonardo’s By the Slice closing its iconic doors mean?

Eat as much as possible. The end is near.

“By the slice” has been an initiation to Gator life for over four decades, but we can only be sure of it staying open through summer 2017.

The property was purchased by the University of Florida in the beginning of fall 2016. As of now, there are no plans set for the building.

Owner Steve Solomon cited increased competition, students’ changing tastes and the growing effort of maintaining multiple locations as reasons for his willingness to sell.

While we can still be sure of “by the slice” being apart of Gainesville, it’s important to go and savor the experience.

Next time you get that starchy, carb-craving, make your way to the corner of W University and 13 Street for a yummy classic.

Garden Salad


Even though we know you didn’t come for the salad, it sure as hell is delicious.

Balance out your filling pizza or pasta entree with a delicate garden salad.

These salads are served on flimsy black styrofoam plates, with the fresh produce practically falling off.

The bed of lettuce is completed covered by sprouts, broccoli, chickpeas and the like.

The dressing is killer and adds the perfect amount of tanginess to a plain but appealing side dish.

Garlic Knots


Chewy, pull-apart, doughy bread is the trifecta that forms the famous garlic knots.

Your “by the slice” experience isn’t complete without the unnecessary quarter dozen to complement the already-indulgent pizza.

These garlic knots are served with a side of marinara sauce, or whatever other dressing you’d like, although, if you wanna keep it classic, I recommend the marinara.

Usually, the knots are cold and the sauce is hot or vice versa, but rarely are both hot or cold, not that it matters.

The doughiness will have you pulling apart the knots and eating more than you ever thought possible. Bon appetit, man.



What you really came for is the slice as big as your head. For under $5, you can enjoy the baked-daily goodness.

Whether you prefer thin or thick, meat or veggie, plain or crazy, “by the slice” has options for the pizza connoisseur in all of us.

Since we can’t count on the weekly specials being around much longer, you might as well forget your usual and order the daily slice when you pay a visit. It’ll have you feeling like you’re a part of the history of the place while stuffing yourself full and happy.

Cheesy, greasy, hot and tasty, the city will truly be a little less lovely without Leonardo’s serving up its “by the slice” creations.



Of course we all know the pizza is amazing, but the pasta is a “by the slice” secret.

Next time you’re craving a homemade pasta dish that only your mom could execute (be honest, you don’t even own a pot big enough to boil said pasta in,) stop in and swap your slice out for a pasta special.

For just under $10, you can get a pasta marinara dish with 2 garlic knots and a small garden salad. Talk about deals.

The pasta is perfectly al dente, so you don’t have to worry about it being too tender or too crunchy.

The garlic knots and garden salad are great for the intermissions, because this pasta dish is sure to require a doggy-bag, the portions are huge.


Before Leonardo’s By the Slice is just a distant memory, stop in and treat yourself to a Gainesville classic.

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