It’s National Paella Day and You HAVE to Eat at Emiliano’s Café

paella emiliano's cafe

The day is upon us. National Paella Day falls on March 27, and we could not be more excited.

Paella is one of the most popular and well-known dishes in the world. It’s almost impossible to describe the typical paella, because there are so many variations. However, some staple ingredients tend to be rice, vegetables and meat. Traditional paella is also seasoned with saffron.

There is paella of the sea, which contains various fish and shellfish, as well as paella of the land, which includes meats, chicken and pork. And, many times, there is paella that creates a delectable harmony between the land and the sea.

The birthplace of paella lays in eastern Spain, in the city of Valencia. In Spain, this diverse dish is present at many large family gatherings. Paella is such a large meal and is meant to be consumed by a large party of people. A giant paella is also often the centerpiece of many fiestas.

paella emiliano's cafe
Via: @Emiliano’s Cafe Facebook page

Emiliano’s Cafe

Emiliano’s Café, located at 7 SE 1st Ave in the heart of Downtown Gainesville, is a popular stop for visitors and residents alike. It is a charming patio café that has been family-owned and operated for more than 32 years. This quaint restaurant prides itself in serving authentic Latin cuisine.

One of the best things about this café is its paella. This classic Spanish dish is piled high with fresh, savory ingredients that are guaranteed to ‘wow’ your taste-buds.

Emiliano’s paella contains fresh fish and all-natural chicken cooked in saffron rice. It also incorporates asparagus tips, peas and artichoke hearts mixed all throughout to intensify the flavors. The dish is then topped with sautéed New Zealand green lip mussels, Louisiana Gulf shrimp and Cedar Key top neck clams.


Paella is such a fun and extravagant meal. Plus, due to its size, paella is a meal meant to be shared. So I encourage you and your friends to celebrate on March 27 with a big bowl of tasty paella. Emiliano’s Café is definitely the place to go to celebrate such a delicious day.

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