Wyatt’s Coffee: Why Better Beans Matter

Wyatt’s Coffee has changed the local coffee scene. Instead of offering sugary, high-priced, frothed, mixed and blended options, they only offer black coffee.

The assistant manager of Wyatt’s Coffee Colton Langsam said, “A lot of people don’t like it because it’s bitter. But after you drink it a few times you can get used to it and really appreciate the undertones of it.”

He said it’s important for people to have an appreciation for coffee itself, without all the sugar and cream.

“It’s kind of been the vision of our owner Steven to open a coffee shop that’s all about the art of black coffee because so much of coffee culture nowadays is about the sugary and flavored stuff,” Langsam said. “He wanted to get back to the root of what coffee is.”

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Beans are important

Wyatt’s is partnered with some of the best coffee bean roasters in the state to bring fresh, top-notch coffee to the store every week. When the store opened in October 2016, its owner began by tasting a ton of different coffee from roasters all over Florida and chose the beans he enjoyed most, said Langsam.

Now, Wyatt’s is constantly bringing in new beans to offer customers a wide variety of quality coffee.

“The beans we have always change, because once [the roasters] get a shipment of a certain kind of bean, they’ll be able to roast it until it runs out and then they get something else,” said Langsam. “So that’s the cool thing, it’s always something new here.”

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Wyatt’s menu lays out the undertones of every coffee roast in stock. There are coffee connoisseurs who will taste the coffee and be able to tell what the undertones taste like. The flavors and undertones come labeled on the coffee from the roasters, who are experts in the beans they roast, said Langsam.

They have selections from Bold Bean in Jacksonville, Opus Coffee, which is locally roasted in Gainesville, and a new option from Oceana in Deland.

Wyatt’s buys whole coffee beans from these roasters, which means they are ground fresh at the Gainesville store. “It’s gonna taste different every time because the beans are getting ground fresh for every cup of coffee,” said Langsam.

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New to Gainesville

This coffee shop definitely has a unique take on coffee and the many ways it can be brewed. Moreover, Wyatt’s added something completely new to Gainesville – Japanese-style nitro cold brew.

Langsam said the nitro coffee is flash-frozen, fused with nitrogen and served out of a tap. Similar to beer on tap, the coffee comes out with foam on top, he said. “It aerates the coffee and makes it something different that you’re not going to get other places,” he said.

Wyatt’s is one of the only places in the area that serves nitro cold brew coffee, said Langsam. Opus Coffee has also begun serving nitro.

“We added something different that people didn’t realize was an option,” said Langsam.

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Looking Ahead

Langsam said, in the future, Wyatt’s Coffee is looking to sell its bottled cold brew coffee in all the Hyppo popsicle locations.

“We bottle 30 bottles at a time in a fresh batch out of the keg,” he said. “They get put in the cooler with our special label, and soon they’ll be in the coolers of all the Hyppo’s.”

Wyatt’s is owned by the same company as Hyppo, and it sells Hyppo’s gourmet popsicles.

Another vision for Wyatt’s future is possibly a location with more study space. Langsam said he would love to open a new location that encourages more of a study-friendly atmosphere.

But for now, he said they are just focusing on their quality beverages. “We’re just a quick-stop coffee shop,” said Langsam. “You can come and study if you want, or you can grab your cup of coffee and go right to campus.”

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